Vacation Guide

Understanding the reasons why people choose to go on vacation can help in choosing the best accommodation maidstone for reasonable prices.

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A recent research uncovered the following reasons for going on vacation, from most to least frequent answers:

1- Building and strengthening personal relationships

This mostly encompasses families, however it can be a group of friends or a young couple as well. People don't have nearly enough time to spend quality time together.

Taking time away from the daily work activities is always a good opportunity to deepen personal relationships and create pleasant memories, as well as meeting new people, tasting new flavours, and seeing new places.

Some people will even travel with their significant others on purpose, so they can "test" this person and see whether they are compatible among themselves. Which can be very telling about this person - how they deal with unforeseen situations, servants, finances, and so on.

2- Health and well-being

Taking time off and decompressing is also an opportunity to renew your physical and mental health. Going outdoors gives a unique boost and refreshes our well-being.

Changing scenery also enables a smoother chance to rest and relax from the daily routine. There is no concern about groceries, unpaid bills, food preparation, home improvement, cleaning chores, and so on.

3- Change

Some people just want to be in a warmer climate for their tired bones, or a cooler climate for a White Christmas.

Others are motivated to see beautiful scenery and a bucolic life, hinting at a not-so-distant past where things were done in a slower pace.

And other people like to experience a quieter surrounding, the cleaner air, and the darker evenings with reduced light pollution to enjoy the stars.

4- Emotions

Many people today are searching for excitement and strong emotions. It could be an adventure, but it could also be a romantic or a dangerous set of feelings. As long as there is something that takes them off their daily lives, this type of traveler will enjoy their experience.

Because what is important is the next item.

5- Escape

The truth of the matter is that many people today live very unfulfilling lives.

- They are not satisfied with their jobs. They feel their careers are pointless.

- They share little or no sense of community with their neighbours.

- Their schooling years have been a waste of time since that was mostly unrelated to their actual jobs, outdated in relation to the market, or both.

So, it is no surprise that too many people are unhappy, stressed, and worried.

6- Knowledge

Some people like to travel for short periods and see museums or explore restaurants and wineries. Others go on longer periods and travel to learn or practice a foreign language, or even pursue higher studies in well-know universities throughout the world.


Regardless of the reason, the fact is that some people will completely fall in love with another country. They will live there indefinitely, work a normal job, marry a local, and even raise their children there.

And they will also travel "back" to their original places and introduce their new family to their original homes, where everything began.