About us


Dear Spirited Drivers:

I have not learned much in life, but one thing I know about myself when I drive through exhilarating and scenic roads, I find a sense of place. I arrive at a non-artificial state where the here and now means so much more than any other fabricated mental experiences. The pure
joy of driving!

I know there are many of us out there sharing this same passion. My brother, Leo, my cousins; Iwan, Edwin, Chris and I created this website to share our driving-vacation stories. We hope you will enjoy reading them and learn a few things about the routes, the cars, the rental agencies, the cultures, the food, and much more from the places we visit.

In return, we invite spirited drivers around the world to share your driving-vacation stories in foreign lands as well as around your home town. We want to read your stories and see your pictures.

Also, if you are visiting San Francisco or Boston, please contact us. We love to meet other spirited drivers from all over the world and we can show and share the best places to drive. And when we do go to your town, we would like to meet you as well so we can trade driving-vacation stories and you can show us the best routes.

Our goals are to create a fun and exciting global spirited driver community and to meet and talk about our driving-vacation(s) over beer, tea, and coffee at some latitude and longitude points on the global map.

Lastly, we love to hear your feedback on what we do here at driving-vacation.com. We are continually adding features and improving the user experience. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated by the members of the driving-vacation.com community.

Have a nice driving-vacation,


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