Audi driver's day with the new RS6 from Ingolstadt to Hockenheim visiting the DTM final 2008


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In the middle of the Audi plaza in Ingolstadt, there he was, the fully equipped RS6 Avant. It had all the options one could wish for. After a short briefing by an Audi Driver’s Day representative, my husband and I were allowed to drive this amazing machine for the next 2 days.



We were excited to start our Audi driver's day experience. We got plenty of options for the routes to Hockenheim. But who really cared when we had the furious sound and the amazing acceleration.


We decided to take the smaller streets to Hockenheim. After leaving Ingolstadt the streets were empty and they were in the best conditions to test the RS6; straight towards Hockenheim via Aalen.


The RS6 is an incredible car, 2 tons of muscles and power, I have the previous generation RS6. The acceleration of the 5.2 V10 monster under the hood can be dangerous. The car pulled very rapidly at astonshing rate. The interior was really nice; Recaro leather seats, DVD navigation, and so on. So if you have a chance to take an Audi driver's day in Germany, get the RS6.

The route in combination with the car was really nice. I was not into the landscape so we decided to "fly" with this car on the Autobahn between Ingolstadt and Hockenheim.

On the way to Hockenheim, we passed through Aalen, a Roman town filled with museum and ancient buildings. We also visited Speyer on Saturday evening, a really nice town by the Rhine, which is famous for its Middle Age Cathedral.

Audi Lounge

The races began Sunday morning just when we arrived at the parking place. We took the Audi courtesy shuttle service to the Audi hospitality tent. In the Audi VIP tent we were presented with a great selections of foods and drinks. There was also a cooking show. Movie and sport stars were mingling at the balcony directly above the circuit. Before the final DTM race, there were some other competitions, so we watched the Porsche Cup, Polo Cup, and others. The DTM race was very exciting to watch. At the end, the Audi driver Timo Scheider won the DTM championship.

Here are some pictures from the circuit and the cooking show.

Audi Lounge

Audi Lounge

The show cars outside were also very nice, some RS6, the Q5 and the Q7 with the V12 TDi Motor.



After the race, we took the Autobahn back towards Ingolstadt. We had a lot of traffic jams so it wasn't really fun. We arrived at about 6 o' clock in Ingolstadt and were really sad to let go the RS6 after driving this engineering masterpiece for two days. My husband and I had a real nice weekend with this fantastic car. We really enjoyed our Audi Driver’s Day. Thank you.