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Audi Q3 Weekend Drive


The silver Q3 we had for the weekend had panoramic moon roof, MMI with navigation, blind spot detector, and driving dynamic program on the top of the standard features that you expect from an Audi. Our first task was to install the baby car seat in the Q3. Despite the compact size of Q3, the car seat fitted nicely in the middle of the back seat. There was ample room on both sides of the car seat.

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I had very little expectation on the driving dynamic of the Q3 SUV. But to my surprise, I had a lot of fun driving on the highway to San Francisco. The 2.0 liter 4-cylinder 200 horsepower and 207 lb-ft torque provided just enough tingling sensation on acceleration. We do not know yet how to bend the law of physics the way Jedi master Yoda can. So we did notice the effect of the higher center of gravity during the spirited carving of highway exit cloverleaf. But because the Q3 chassis uses Aluminum and high-strength steel to maximize chassis rigidity, and this car was equipped with quattro system, we still were enjoying the centrifugal force during our highway exit with confidence.

San Francisco city roads have abundant potholes and uneven patches. The city is major hauling the over-100 years sewer system. On the top of that, the city is building one new subway line. So, there are lots of unearthing and burying throughout the city. Driving Q3 through these pimpled roads was fun because we no longer had to worry about the low ground clearance. The suspension was firm on fast turns, but on bumps it was quite comfortable.

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