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Audi Digital City Beijing


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During one of my business trip to Beijing, I visited the second Audi Digital Showroom. This showroom has “Product Specialists” instead of salespeople, and an impressive live interactive software program. In the showroom, a prospect can feel and touch the variety of Audi cars on display. If the prospect is interested in the model or trim package that are not showcased at this time, he can visit the high-tech large-touch-screen-enabled console just in front of a digital wall.

Photo Gallery

A buyer can select the model he is interested in and configure the trim of the car while a product specialist stands by, ready to answer additional questions he may have. Once the car is configured, he can “drag” his creation into the digital wall and, magically, a life-size representation of the car of their dreams is created. He can explore more of the car features and trim by manipulating the perspectives of the almost-live-size image of the car on the digital wall. The impressive detail image is generated using the same exact modeling data that the designers and engineers use in Ingolstadt. Additionally, he can open the car's doors, enter the car to examine the interior, and listen to the simulated engine noise based on his engine selection.

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