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Barcelona Audi RS4 Driving Experience


My inner child has always wondered what life would be like if I were a Deutschen Tourenwagen Masters (DTM) Audi RS4 driver, like Mattias Ekstrom. How could I fulfill this dream when the holodeck won't be invented for another 250 years? Fortunately, I found a way to satisfy my dream in the current century: The 2006 Barcelona Audi RS4 Driving Experience. Instead of letting my inner child continuously wonder, I decided to make this dream a reality even for a brief moment.

The Circuit

This event is taking place at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona, the home of Formula 1 racing. Skills, technologies, teamwork, and physical endurance are battle tested at this very challenging and technical circuit. Winners are born here every year. This circuit has all the challenging features one can expect from any famous international raceways; long and short straight stretches, chicane, switchbacks, decreasing radius turns, sweeping half circle turns, and hairpin turns with elevation changes throughout the circuit.

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