Exploring Nuremberg and DTM Norisring Track in A5 Sportback


For Audi Sports enthusiasts, Nuremberg, Germany has a very special meaning. This 11th century town, the largest town in Franconia, is only 92 km from Ingolstadt. Because of its proximity to Audi factory, the DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters) Norisring track in this town is the venue of Audi’s home race.

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The track itself is very special; it is the only temporary street circuit in DTM. The unique atmosphere bestowed by nearby Roman castles, medieval fortification walls, gingerbread houses, and Pegnitz River and Rhine-Main-Danube Canal attracts over 140,000 spectators. Some people refer this track as Little Monaco.

Spain to Portugal in Audi TT Part 2


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Is it the culture? The history? The architecture? The weather? Our favorite vacation destinations always have cobblestone streets lined by centuries-old buildings with intricate carvings, flowered balconies, and gargoyles. Large lush gardens with manicured lawns, sculptured trees and full size statues are located near brimming outdoor restaurants serving fresh and aromatic local delicacies. A bird-eye panoramic view of colored and adorned rooftops carpeting the hilly land next to a wide meandering river provides a romantic spot to watch the orange sun disappearing over the horizon and the crescent moon appearing in deep blue sky. We have come to such beautiful and romantic place in our Spain and Portugal driving vacation: Lisbon.


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Avenue da Liberdade

From our hotel, we drive on Avenue da Liberdade towards downtown. This avenue is lined by world famous designers. It is as if we are strutting on Lisbon’s catwalk in a sporty and progressive Audi TT. Through our windows, we see a painter on the sidewalk sketching a couple in love, artisans offering handmade handicrafts, and a few outdoor cafes filled with tourists and locals enjoying their breakfast.

Pombaline Baixa